Discover ‘The Secret to Being Rich’ with The Disclosures

Ever wonder what the secret to being rich is? Well, in this episode of CUbroadcast, we invited the dynamic, musical duo of The Disclosures, Chad Helminak and Christopher Morris, on the program to find out. Actually, it’s easier than you think — and Chad and Chris cover their money-wise messages on their second CD entitled: “The Secret to Being Rich”. (It’s their first CD geared toward kids.)

The CD’s title has a double meaning of which we discuss with them — which is important because their 10-song collection is geared toward elementary school kids. It’s never too early to learn about finance and The Disclosures put it all to music with such titles as:

“Thank My Piggy Bank”
“Won’t You Be My Money Buddy”
“I Want, I Need”
“The Tale of Kidd Silver”

So sit back and enjoy our chat with Chad and Chris — along with a tune or two, a couple of credit union guys looking to make a financial literacy difference in this world through their unique and fun music. Enjoy!

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