Ditch the “Vicious Cycle” and get ready for your “Success Cycle”

Ever heard of a “vicious cycle”? Or, in other terms, repeating the same patterns over and over resulting in the same outcomes? Me too, and I want to be able to shut that off. As we know, it can be tough to break out of old habits because our brains develop a way to short circuit specific patterns.

As leaders, though, it is our duty to shift out of this “vicious cycle” mindset and move into a new and improved “success cycle,” or, according to Susan Mazza in a recent article on her blog, an “intentional process that can help you get on the path and stay on the path to success.” Sounds good, right? Let’s get into it.

In her article, Mazza defines the five practices of the success cycle, including:

  1. Getting clear about what the outcome is and why it is worth pursuing to identify your underlying strategy;


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