Does self-service equal empowerment?

by. Samantha Paxton

Thanks to new technology and changing perspectives, consumers would rather do it themselves.

Whether it’s good news or the social apocalypse remains to be seen. Either way, self-service is fast becoming the standard for great personal service – in retail and beyond.

We’ve all been there:

  • The check-in line is short, but you’d rather print your own boarding pass at the self-serve kiosk.
  • The Genius at the Apple Store is ready to ring up your sale, but you’d prefer to use your own iPhone to pay.
  • The supermarket checker is friendly, but you scan your own yogurt rather than engaging in small talk.
  • You need to de-activate that automatic membership you signed up for online. You would rather spend eight hours looking for an online solution than spend minutes on hold with customer support.

Self-service is changing the way we like to do business. And though the sentimental among us may lament the loss of human interaction, it’s hard to argue against the accessibility and efficiency of self-serve channels.

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