Don’t Ask Why, Ask How

By Victor Gaxiola

The conversation of social media adoption in financial services is starting to change and inquiries of usage are shifting from why to how? It’s a trend that is likely to continue as more firms leverage the power of social to connect with their base of customers and new sources of revenue.

At the recent LIMRA 2012 annual conference in Chicago, MassMutual shared with its attendees how they are using social media to develop and grow their brand and online influence while remaining compliant with their own social media policies and regulatory requirements.  Actiance was there to participate and learn from session presenter Kathleen Mayko, digital community manager and Corina Roy, director of online experience, both from MassMutual Financial Group, to learn more about how they are shifting the conversation from why to how.

At MassMutual, social is part of an overall strategy of the firm’s corporate presence online that includes their website, online advertising and marketing. In both their corporate site and those managed by their field sales agents, the focus is to encourage conversations with customers and they use selective content to illustrate their unique thought leadership.  This is a trend that is likely to continue, especially as agents begin to reap the rewards of engagement through new customer opportunities and referrals.

As expected, the use of social media will continue to be widespread as the opportunities for increased visibility grow and agents adopt their messages to connect with the next generation of clients.  By providing quality customer service to build and maintain relationships, their market presence and ability to address industry questions and concerns places them in a very visible and positive light that differentiates them from those that are not using social media.

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