Don’t forget Thanksgiving

I have a confession.  I am guilty of overlooking Thanksgiving and going straight to celebrating Christmas.  Maybe it’s because every store I walk into has twinkly lights and a sparkly Christmas tree.  Or maybe it’s because I have been shopping for Christmas presents for a month already.  Whatever the reason, I realize it is hard being the holiday right before Christmas.

So this year I want to try something different.  This year, I am turning a new leaf and not overlooking Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is more than just turkey and stuffing (no offense to turkey and stuffing.)  It is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for, who we care about, and to remind ourselves of what we value in our lives.

Glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists, etc.  Of, relating to, or expressing thanks.  Conscious of benefit received.

(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Take a minute or two and think about what you are thankful for?  Maybe it is your family and friends, your health and happiness, your home and comforts.  The things we are thankful for might change each year, depending on where we are in life.  For example, on a school Thanksgiving project, my nine-year old daughter said she is thankful for “school, books and her parents.”  I only hope that at fifteen she will have the same list!

Now, take a minute or two and think about what your members are thankful for.  Do they all have the same list or are they all different?  They could be going through a divorce, a recent job loss, health problems, or their home is in foreclosure.  They might have a baby on the way, a new job, or a big move coming.  As a financial home, it is important for Credit Union’s to know what members are going through because, more often than not, our finances are directly related to our problems.

Being thankful also means expressing or showing thanks.  Think of the people who make your credit union stronger – your members, your community, and your team.  Be sure to do something to show them that you appreciate everything they do.  It could be as simple as cookies in the lobby for your members and a potluck in the lunch room for your team.  Reach out to those in your community who need your support, like local shelters, food banks, and other non-profit organizations.  Your efforts will definitely be appreciated!

So, join me in not overlooking Thanksgiving this year.  Being thankful is too important to forget.

Miriam Limon

Miriam Limon

Miriam has worked at AEA Federal Credit Union for over 11 years. She has been a part of the Marketing Team for 7 years and recently helped create and launch ... Web: Details