Did elementary school field trips set you up for workplace success?

“There’s strength in numbers.” It’s a familiar phrase to most of us. When I hear it, I immediately think back to the safety precautions we had to follow on elementary school field trips. Remember holding onto the rope as your kindergarten class toured a museum? What about staying with the group or following the buddy system when your class visited the zoo? While those childhood examples are the first that come to mind, it turns out that “strength in numbers” is a concept that has practical applications in the professional world as well.

If you’ve ever been tasked with finding a solution to a problem or developing a new process, you know how overwhelming that responsibility can be. You can be the smartest person in the room and still not have the best idea to solve a problem or fix what’s broken. In those situations, you realize there truly is strength in numbers. When you bring multiple minds together to work towards a common goal, you open up the potential for uncovering solutions from previously untapped sources. A group of talented individuals working together for a common cause can yield incredible results none of them could have accomplished on their own.

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