Elevating the digital experience for credit unions

Credit unions over the course of the last few years have been navigating a combination of challenges with digital demands. A critical need for remote work capabilities, an increased demand from members to drive mobile and web-based services, and the ongoing security threats the market faces have strained traditional IT systems and exposed a need for modernization.

Innovative credit unions are turning to the cloud to meet these demands. With the ability to maximize uptime, prevision and automatically analyze against threats, and scale up and down based on consumption, the cloud is helping credit unions pivot to a digitally modern infrastructure that focuses on the goals of the credit union and the member experience.

In our October webinar: CU blueprint for Secure cloud first strategies, Chad Ritchie, CIO, Ventura County Credit union states “it’s a matter of relevancy for credit unions…[innovative companies] have set this digital experience bar for the rest of us on what consumers expect when they go online. And for the credit union industry we’re dramatically behind that bar so we have to have a plan to compete and agility is key. Being able to provide a simple and seamless banking experience for our members and our staff is absolutely necessary.”

Ritchie continues to talk about the importance of your vendor relationship. When working with an IT vendor, it is imperative that you choose someone who understands the goals of your organization, and acts as a partner to help achieve those goals.


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