Eligibility requirements to run for the board of directors

Happy Wednesday! Here is a little fun fact to start your day… today is National Garden Meditation Day! Since it is still the middle of the work week, it may help you to recharge by going out into your garden (or a public garden) and practicing some meditation. For inspiration, here is a picture of my cat, Quincy, meditating in front of a virtual tv garden.

Cat Watching Tv

So, while you’re out in the garden pondering, your mind may start to wander and think about eligibility requirements necessary to run for the board of directors (board) (if you’re a compliance professional, this isn’t too far-fetched). You may start asking yourself, what qualifications does someone need in order to run for the board? For example, do they need to have good credit? Well, no need to waste precious garden meditation time wondering, this blog has got you covered!

Under the Federal Credit Union Act, there can only be three eligibility requirements to run for the board. The three requirements are:

1. The individual must be a member before distribution of ballots;


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