Embedded fintech: Strategies to enhance customer engagement and boost sales

With the next Finovate conference on the horizon, we’re looking forward to discussions about emerging trends and new tech that always take place – especially about the growth in embedded fintech.

As this tech gains steam, we are seeing bank-fintech partnerships that are ready to bring embedded solutions to market. And the focus is not just on innovation, but how to effectively educate and engage corporate decision-makers.

Understanding the B2B landscape for embedded fintech

Interest in embedded fintech solutions is growing among mid-market and larger corporations as part of their broader digital transformation efforts. Back in 2022, the space was fairly new when Beyond the Arc CEO Steven Ramirez talked with host Greg Palmer on the Finovate podcast. Only two years later, it’s clear that momentum is powering up for integrating banking and payments into non-bank platforms.

Our work with top banks mirrors this trend. Commercial clients are looking to leverage embedded solutions to streamline internal payment operations, as well as enhance their digital platform offerings. For instance, they could integrate new capabilities for banking services, straight-through payment processing, embedded lending, and more.


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