Empowering women in leadership through practical DEI

DEI continues to redefine and strengthen equity in the workplace, emphasizing pay transparency and support for health and careers.

Many total rewards decisions once followed a templated approach that met many basic needs, but often overlooked the concerns of specific populations. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) related to pay, health and career are essential to today’s workforce and require a more nuanced focus.

Marginalized employees, including women, come into their own and perform at their best when they’re treated equitably based on policies, practices and cultural experiences. DEI is a prerequisite for helping to recognize them as colleagues whose contributions are differentiated — just as important as what others bring but not necessarily better. As change agents for organizational solutions and growth, marginalized employees fully apply their abilities and insights.

Overlapping identities are formed from a person’s life experiences, and differences exist in how individuals express or interpret them. As employers recognize the value of these layered and complex distinctions, they’re more likely to support them with initiatives and programs. A genuinely inclusive work environment emerges when employees feel empowered to offer diverse perspectives and share unique experiences, including challenges. Maintaining a safe space for this purpose promotes sustainable results.


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