Energizing the rising stars

Paul Speight works to give young professionals the tools they need to advance in their careers.

At the branch or on the road, Paul Speight believes endurance, not speed, will get young professionals such as himself where they want to go.

When Speight joined the Virginia Credit Union League Young Professional Network, he hoped to do just that—network. Yet when the branch manager for $1.6 billion asset BayPort Credit Union in Newport News, Va., attended his first meeting, he was surprised to discover only credit union board members attending. A seat on that board opened up a few months later, and Speight was a natural and eager candidate.

“I hopped on board,” he says.

He pitched the idea of having regional gatherings so young professionals wouldn’t have to traverse the state to attend. He secured a modest budget so he could amp up the social element of the gatherings. A free taco bar at a microbrew pub followed the first event he planned. More than 20 credit union employees attended from around the state.


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