Engaging the Hearts and Minds of Your Service-Selling Team

Research on employee commitment to organizational goals indicates that only slightly more than 1 out of 4 employees (29%) are actively engaged. With less than one-third of all employees showing up “on purpose”— and willing to invest their discretionary efforts to make a difference in helping their organizations succeed, it is evident that this sobering statistic indicates establishing competitive advantage is a very real challenge.

When it comes to culture change there is no “work-around.” Without fully engaged employees it is difficult, if not impossible, to develop a service-selling team and execute a growth strategy. In our experience, lack of active engagement is often caused by issues such as a lack of organizational alignment or employee confidence and belief that they have the ability to contribute in a meaningful way to organizational goals.

Ultimately, employees must take responsibility for their congruence and their success. That said—frontline management can have a dramatic impact on increasing their engagement by effectively coaching employees to make a personal commitment. If effective, this will reinforce the belief that selling is a noble act when it is based on the fundamental principles of ethics and integrity.

But coaching alone is not enough. In our experience it also requires implementing a performance improvement process that builds their competence, confidence and commitment. This will insure that selling and serving members is viewed as achieving the same outcome— creating more value . . . and a competitive advantage for your credit union.

Julie ann Wessinger

Julie ann Wessinger

Julie ann is Allied Solutions' National Director of Client Performance Strategies. Client Performance Strategies represents "best of class" organizations that provide proven solutions to measurably impact credit union sales, membership ... Web: www.alliedsolutions.net Details