eStatements: Get your members to make the switch

Paper, ink, and postage have a cost. But let’s face it, sending out paper statements isn’t just costly, it’s outdated. It takes time. Stapling, folding sheets, stuffing envelopes and posting? There are way more important things to be doing with employee time.

People are more environmentally conscious. They don’t like paper clutter. COVID-19 has made it even harder to get stuff done. Your time and resources are better spent elsewhere right now. And people don’t want mail germs, so they’re going online more than ever.

For these reasons and more, a lot of credit union members have already opted to accept paperless, a.k.a. e-statements.

eStatement conversions save a chunk of change and shrink your environmental footprint. But how do you convince the rest of your customers to make the switch?


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