Everything is communication

by. Anthony Demangone

If you help lead an organization, you are communicating 24/7.  The way you talk. Walk. Dress.  It all says something. 

Abe knew a thing or two about communicating.

That’s why I enjoyed the following article, It doesn’t matter what you know, if you can’t communicate. (GeorgeAmbler.com).

The article lists eight wonderful habits of great communicators.  I’ll share two that caught my eye.

3. Make the WIIFM Clear

All communication is personal. People will interpret your message from within their unique perspective and circumstance. This means you must to answer their WIIFM question – “What’s In It For Me?”. Effective communication resonates with the needs and concerns of the audience. Your communication will be successful if you answer the WIIFM question early and often.

How often I forget this! Everyone sees the world through through their own eyes, not mine. What is in it for them?

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