Experiential Marketing: Beyond the survey

Isn’t marketing about colors, and paper, and design? Perhaps. But it has to be much more than that now. That’s why your organization’s marketing executives and employees need to be smarter, innovative, and strategic. If all you have is a marketing person that either can’t do or is unwilling to do much more than design pretty flyers (and Heaven help you if you’re still taping things to doors and walls,) then it’s time to get someone that has the required skills to bring your organization’s marketing efforts to a more sophisticated level.

Your organization’s marketing and branding efforts should be transitioning from “telling” to “interacting.” Other words are “engagement” and “experiential.”

Go to your marketing personnel right now and ask them to describe experiential or engagement marketing to you. If they can’t, it should scare the hell out of you – or at the very least, it should concern you greatly.

So stop reading and go ask them….right now.  Of course, I want you to come back and read the rest of this when you’re done!

There is a dangerous belief among some marketers that simple surveys constitute engagement or experiential marketing. They don’t. They never will.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

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