Expert advice from analytics debuts and do-overs

Five credit union leaders dish on what they did well and what they’d do differently when launching an analytics program.

Callahan & Associates premiered its Executive Roundtable program in 2011, gathering small groups of credit union leaders to network, brainstorm, and commiserate with peers during two-day getaways held throughout the country.

Since then, these gatherings have evolved into true cooperative events. Participants drive the agenda via pre-event interviews and on-site input. There are no guest speakers or sales pitches, just peers from the same area of their cooperatives — e.g., CEOs, chief lending officers, chief financial officers, etc. — talking shop and learning from one another.

This dynamic group of credit union leaders also decide when it’s time to offer a new roundtable. Based on feedback, Callahan recently added an analytics event to the lineup.

Data science and business intelligence have become must-have tools at many successful credit unions. The conversations that take place during Callahan’s Executive Roundtables are strictly confidential; however, a few participants agreed to talk on the record about their analytics journey.


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