FBI issues Wi-Fi warning for travelers & hosts of holiday guests

Careless use of public Wi-Fi networks is “an open invitation for bad actors to access your device.”

The FBI issued a warning for holiday travelers not to use public Wi-Fi while on the road, and for hosts to protect private Wi-Fi when entertaining guests, this holiday season because of cybersecurity concerns.

The FBI’s suggestions published on its “Tech Tuesday” post this week included the following:

  • Do not allow your phone, computer, tablet or other devices to auto-connect to a free wireless network while you are away from home. “This is an open invitation for bad actors to access your device. They then can load malware, steal your passwords and PINs, or even take remote control of your contacts and camera.”
  • If you do need to connect to a public hotspot – such as at an airport or hotel – make sure to confirm the name of the network and the exact login procedures. “Your goal is to avoid accidentally connecting to a fraudster’s Wi-Fi that they are trying to make look legit.”


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