Feeling distracted? Here’s how to persevere

As many of us work from home, we’re dealing with distractions we normally wouldn’t face when in the office. Of course, the office environment comes with its own set of interruptions – like catching up with coworkers or leaving your desk for meetings – that can delay us from completing our work. But, the coronavirus has posed a unique set of challenges for staying on task.

Leadership guru John Maxwell has tips to help. His core piece of advice: Find traction. Pursue the things that make you feel fulfilled. Here are three main reasons for distraction and Maxwell’s recommendations to overcome them:

  1. Mind wandering? Set a focus. The adjustment of working from home can be burdensome. We might be working in the dining room with kids or pets running around, have a social media break that goes on too long, or be too eager to tackle the household chores surrounding us. To keep you focused on the work you need to accomplish, Maxwell recommends setting intentions. This is not only helpful for getting your work done, but it can also help you draw clear lines around “office” hours and “home” hours. As you settle at your computer, ask yourself these questions to guide your day. And when it’s time to sign off, reference this end-of-day checklist to ensure you can fully disengage from work and prepare for tomorrow.


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