Financial marketers prepare for the COVID-19 aftermath

While we’ve been hearing the phrase “in the wake of COVID-19” in the media for some time, the reality is that we’re still very much involved IN the COVID-19 pandemic. Most every financial institution is actively working on loans, programs, and other assistance measures to help those currently dealing with financial pains being caused by this crisis.

The wake of COVID-19, more specifically the financial wake that will be left behind by the resulting economic impact, is still ahead of us.

Every financial marketer needs to be prepared for the changes in consumer behavior and perceptions that will be prevalent in your target market. In some ways, they’ll be like a brand new audience, at least for the short term.

Below are 5 areas of marketing that you should be focused on now, so you’re prepared to reenter the marketplace with meaningful messaging that will resonate with leery consumers.


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