How to find future leaders in your credit union

When developing leaders in your credit union, it’s important to find the right candidates. Not every employee is leadership material. Investing in the wrong person is a waste of your time and the credit union’s money. If you want to find a future leader, look for these qualities.

Future leaders know their stuff: A future leader knows their job like the back of their hand. Look for an employee who knows all the products and services your credit union has to offer. Invest in employees who take interest in growing the credit union and increasing its member-base. An employee that’s deeply invested in the credit union can potentially lead the way one day.

Future leaders want to grow: Future leaders aren’t content in staying put. Listen to your employees and you’ll find one who wants more. Natural leaders take charge and want more responsibility. Look for employees who strive to learn more and do more every day.

Future leaders work well with a team: Leaders have to lead, and that means they have to work well with a team. Any employee who works better on their own, probably isn’t the ideal future leader for you. Find someone who has a strong drive and works well with others.

Future leaders can make decisions: An employee who can make a decision is a rare commodity. There’s always a risk factor when you have to choose, so you’ll want someone who’s not afraid to make a choice and follow through with it.

John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for Web: Details