Finding purpose in your career

You have a purpose in your career. You know that, right?

I’ve been thinking about this lately after a volunteer experience brought it into perspective for me: I joined my team to help out at a local food bank last week. We spent time sorting food for the pantry and learning about poverty and hunger in America.  It was an educational experience that opened my eyes to the needs of everyday Americans, and it felt good to volunteer with my colleagues.

When I returned to work the next day, I couldn’t help but notice a connection between my volunteer experience and the purpose of my job.  As professionals in the credit union industry, our main purpose is to help people improve their financial futures.  Just as everyone deserves access to food, we all deserve access to the tools and resources that can help us achieve financial freedom.  As a lending professional, you can guide your members and help make a positive impact in their lives.

What steps can you take to ensure you are helping your members the best way you can? Join us in our upcoming webinar series, Loyal Lending*.  It’s available to credit unions who use our lending solutions. For lending professionals, this is more than simply attending a course. We’ll talk about how to find opportunities to help your members reach their financial goals and improve their financial well-being.


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