Finding success through creativity

How often do we see processes maintained simply because that’s the way it has always been? We accept the status quo and move on.

This way of thinking can cost us revenue, strategic alliances and even members. As leaders, we must think beyond the “normal” or the “usual” and consider – and reconsider – current operations and processes to ensure there are no missed opportunities. Forbes states, “There is no need, no service, no asset, no skill imaginable that cannot be accessed through creativity.”

The best part: You don’t have to be the only creative thinker in your company. In fact, you (and I) should create a corporate culture that encourages and supports creative thinking from our people.

Entrepreneur James Caan suggests five ways to encourage creative thinking. His list includes:

– Giving your staff the time and space to be imaginative and creative.

Constantly question yourself and your working practices.

Encourage people to work in groups.

Leadership expert Michael Hyatt also lists ways a leader can facilitate creative thinking in the workplace, including affirming creative thinking, enlisting outside resources and creating a safe environment where it’s OK if your staff disagrees with you.

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