Five fintech marketing tips for 2020

There are many reasons why fintechs startups don’t “make it.” One common reason is that they lack the money or aren’t making profit. Another is that they don’t understand their target market and/or can’t penetrate that market or get broad adoption. There’s truth to all of these.

But there’s another reason why fintechs fail. Hint: it’s not because their software doesn’t work, or they run out of money, or that people aren’t biting.

It’s because fintech marketing strategies are almost nonexistent. (Fintechs are staffed by brilliant innovators, not marketers!) We feel comfortable sharing some basic insights from our experience marketing in the fintech and credit union spaces.

Basic Fintech Marketing Needs

Fintech startups don’t have name or brand recognition. To get that, they need marketing, not sales. And marketing can help you with some basics every fintech needs:

  • Understanding their brand identity


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