Five key factors that can help credit unions deliver a winning member experience strategy

If you’re attending this year’s virtual CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) next week, one of the ways you can engage with PSCU is by checking out our “5 for 5” video in the On Demand section of the GAC event site. In the five-minute video, I explore five key factors that can help credit unions define and deliver a winning member payments experience strategy. If you’re not able to attend, look no further than this blog, which outlines those five key factors on what it takes to deliver on that strategy.

1. Know your member.

Shifting consumer preferences were becoming apparent prior to the pandemic. However, what we’ve seen is an acceleration in these shifts – especially in the digital space.

It’s important to listen, learn and act. Knowing more about your members’ behaviors allows you to personalize their experiences and provide an engaging, immersive experience that offers targeted and easy access to solutions. Members expect you to know them – their products, their preferences and their needs. Experience personalization starts with leveraging your analytics tools, which help you to gather and aggregate data. This data will not only help you create a holistic view of member behaviors, but will assist your credit union in journey mapping your members’ experiences.


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