Five steps to creating a digital culture

When asked “In the past year, which method did you use most often to manage your bank account(s)?” consumers responded as follows: Mobile (apps on smartphone or tablet) – 45% Internet/Online (Laptop or PC) – 27% Branches – 14% (Oct 31, 2022 – American Bankers Association) This statistic says a lot!

Mobile utilization is the preferred method for consumers to manage their money and make deposits, transfers, and payments. Too often, credit union’s are not keeping pace with member adoption of the digital channels. What can a credit union do to prepare its team to support its member’s digital needs?

  1. Nurture a digital culture – Most credit union staff has the traditional access channels at their fingertips. They often have access to their accounts directly from their desktops. As a result, their need for the consumer digital channels is not as “urgent” as a member that has to drive across town to do business with your credit union. In working with credit unions, this lack of need compounds their lack of awareness of how these channels work and how to use them. To reverse this trend, the credit union needs to train staff in the use and navigation of the digital channels and incent them to use these channels.


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