Five Tips To Engage Members With Your Brand

by Mark Arnold

As the Texas Credit Union League noted in a recent article (Brand Loyalty Tested when Consumers Move, Study Finds), brand loyalty is challenged when consumers move.

But engaging members or customers is not a challenge just when consumers change their address. Every single day your financial institution must engage consumers with your brand. The less brand engagement you have, the less loyalty you have. But how do you make this a reality and not just theory?

Here are five tips to engage your members/customers with your brand:

(1) Train your staff on your brand—Employees must live your brand every day. They are the bridge between your marketing and your members. If your employees aren’t engaged in your brand your members and customers certainly won’t be.

(2) Use social media to reinforce your brand—Social media and engagement are both about dialogue. Don’t just use social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn) to send marketing messages. Use them as a way to chat with consumers (ask for their feedback, resolve service issues, etc.).

(3) Personalize your brand—Sometimes it’s the small touches that garner big results with engagement. For example, handwrite personal notes to your members/customers and call not to sell them anything but simply to thank them for their business.

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