Flipping the switch to Central Valley Firefighters

The fire service is full of traditions and rituals. The work of firefighters is dangerous and unexpected, and the protection of lives and property comes with great responsibility. It comes with no surprise that firefighting training is very intensive.

As a result, there’s a close-knit kinship among firefighters. The uniforms mean a great deal. Every patch tells a story. These are men and women who rely on each other from the fire station to when duty calls.

For Fresno Fire Department Credit Union, with more than 80 years of memorabilia decorating every inch of every wall, would a rebrand prove to be too difficult?

Over the past several decades, membership has expanded to include firefighters and their families in Fresno, Madera, Merced, Mariposa, Kings and Tulare counties. Fresno may be the credit union’s hometown, but its footprint is much larger. It was time for a new “patch.”

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