Foreclosures up in 2015? What? Kaufman & Canoles’ Brian Dolan explains

A foreclosure increase in 2015? Huh? I thought we were past this mess.

Apparently not, according to Kaufman & Canoles’ Brian Dolan, whose firm made quite a few bold predictions for credit unions in 2015 — which appeared in CU Times last month. Brian’s prediction about foreclosures going up in 2015 was the one that made me fall out of my chair when I first read it. So, naturally, we invited him on the show to explain himself — and so he did.

It turns out this predication isn’t all gloom and doom for CUs and their members; there’s actually a silver lining here. But, in the meantime, we discussed how credit unions can prepare for this possible occurrence, is there any relief in sight, and what other 2015 predications does Brian have up his sleeve? Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.


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