Forget Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, First West Credit Union has the Dashband

Apple has certainly garnered the lion’s share of headlines the last six months or so with its Apple Pay service and now Apple Watch being delivered earlier this month. Now, along with Samsung, users can swipe their watch at participating card/NFC readers and pay for their double whip grande latte, slightly warmed slice of zucchini bread, and Josh Grobin Greatest Hits CD. Pretty sweet.

But wait, there’s another player stepping into the big boy wearable payments arena. Is it Fitbit? Amazon?, Rolex? Nope. It’s First West Credit Union and its Dashband. That’s right, First West has its own wrist wallet that is providing its members, ensuring the credit union’s cards are truly top-of-wallet for the latest in “swipe-and-go” payments at your friendly retailer.

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