Fortune favours the brave: Entrepreneurialism in fintech

Creating a startup in any sector is a challenge. But given the level of technology, regulation, and specialist knowledge required, creating a successful business in the fintech space is even more complicated. But thanks to technology partners (and competitors that are always on the lookout for new innovations), visionaries in fintech don’t need to go it alone when trying to bring their products to market, making entrepreneurialism in fintech a truly unique pursuit.On today’s episode of Financial Futures, we delve into the world of entrepreneurialism in fintech to find out how startups can set themselves up for success in the fintech space. We hear from an entrepreneur about their own journey to market and learn about the challenges and opportunities in the current investment climate.Joining us today are CEO of Cashplus, Rich Wagner, and SVP of banking and payments Europe at FIS, Silvia Mensdorff-Pouilly. They reveal what makes the fintech space such a unique, lucrative and collaborative market for startups to break into, and Rich details his own journey of taking his idea to market. Plus we’ll learn how technology partners can help startups to actualize their innovations.We’ll also ask: What’s it like being an entrepreneur in the fintech space? Why is it important to keep your competitors close when bringing new products to market? Which skills and attributes do entrepreneurs in fintech need to be successful? What are the benefits of innovating during a time of market instability? How do you spot opportunities to innovate? What are investors’ priorities when making investment decisions?


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