The future of fintech: Finance 2030

The next generation of fintech is just around the corner. Gen 1 brought financial institutions greater technological integration during the dot-com boom, and Gen 2 delivered traditionally in-person functions digitally thanks to APIs and the cloud. But Gen 3 will bring the financial services industry into a new era, building upon the successes of Gen 1 and 2 to enable the greatest user and institution experience yet.

In this episode of Financial Futures, we’ll take a look at the development of financial services over the last 30 years and examine the advances taking place to define the future of finance into 2030 and beyond. Learn all about the technological milestones and societal shifts that are influencing change within the fintech industry, and hear how institutions will respond to changing consumer attitudes and the never-ending innovations within the financial space.

In today’s episode, join SVP and global head of venture investment at FIS, Stephane Wyper, to find out what Gen 3 will mean for customers, institutions and even society.

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