Future normal: A futurist’s roadmap for the coming decade

Q&A: In his new book, "The Future Normal," Rohit Bhargava aims to provide an antidote to dystopian perspectives by illuminating positive change underway across many industries. His trends and profiles of "instigators" driving progress provide thought-provoking glimpses of how society could evolve over the next decade.

In a wide-ranging discussion with The Digital Banking Report’s Jim Marous, Bhargava delves into the key technological, social and cultural forces that will reshape consumer behavior, employment, identity, leadership and more in the years ahead.

Q: Let’s start with the big picture behind “The Future Normal.” What framed this perspective, and what do you hope readers take away?

Bhargava: This book came from a collaboration with Henry Coutinho-Mason, a futurist in London. We both wanted to present an optimistic version of the future, unlike other] dystopian science fiction.

The framing question was, “What if things go right?” The 30 trends we discuss are based on pioneers already driving change. If we all knew about and supported these ideas, they could become our shared future.


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