Gain a wide array of knowledge about credit union lending

When you are looking for ways to assert yourself as a lending authority at your credit union, credit union specific lending training can give you the leg up you need to become a trusted leader.

The many lending schools and training events hosted by CUNA in 2018 provide you with plenty of opportunities to gain workable lending insights for your credit union, receive exclusive designations and gain specialized information that fits your credit union’s specific needs.

This year’s CUNA Lending conferences and schools include:

  • CUNA Business Lending Roundtable – Engage in focused, high impact discussion on NCUA rules, strategies for expanding loan offerings and differentiating your credit union’s loans from competitors and portfolio management.
  • CUNA Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending School – Get a comprehensive lending outlook with a general review of the macro lending landscape and sessions regarding 5 more specialized topics that you can pick and choose to fit your needs!
  • CUNA Business Lending Certification School – Enhance your knowledge of business/commercial lending and develop skills preparing you to meet your members’ business loan needs.
  • CUNA Fair Lending Workshop – Learn about today’s fair lending laws and regulations and the best compliance strategies to keep your credit union safe.
  • CUNA Collections & Bankruptcy School – Enrich your collections knowledge and strengthen your credit union’s approach to bankruptcy and collections.

With these and more CUNA Lending training opportunities to choose from, you’ll gain useful information for you and your credit union on becoming a lending expert.

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