Getting ready for a credit union tabletop exercise

At Ongoing Operations, we facilitate hundreds of credit union tabletop exercises a year. It’s usually a fun day for the facilitator but because so few credit unions diligently set aside time for this critical step in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) the day can be full of apprehension and anxiety of “what to expect”. I’ve noticed that as participants become more familiar with the process they become much more engaged and the results are seen in better gap identification and participation.  To help you prepare your staff for an internal tabletop exercise, we’ve put together this checklist for you to use. Enjoy!

What Is A Credit Union Tabletop Exercise?

A credit union tabletop exercise is often used as a preliminary evaluation tool to determine the readiness of an organization. A tabletop is NOT a disaster recovery exercise. Tabletops exercise people, disaster recovery exercises test systems.  At Ongoing Operations, we “exercise” our own Business Continuity Plan (BCP) at least once a year at our all staff meeting.

Why Do We Need To Do A Tabletop?

Simply because we want to have the best possible chance of sustaining (recovering) services to our members during a crisis. By “exercising”, we have an opportunity to identify “gaps” or areas for improvement.

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