Great idea! A credit union field trip

by Bo McDonald

You remember field trips when you were in school? It was always fun to get out of the classroom. Chances are you can think of where you went and some highlights of the excursions. One field trip that I clearly recall was during first grade. At the very end of the school year, we walked as a class to Parisi’s Twin Freeze, the local ice cream shop. We were all allowed one cone of our choice, and that hot June afternoon it really hit the spot. Part of the fun was getting a tour of the ice cream shop. We got to see “behind the scenes” and we were so excited to stand in the massive walk-in freezer that stored the huge supply of ice cream.

Field trips are always fun, even to places that you might not expect to be a destination of choice for some children, like the dentist’s office.  Austin Orthodontics Arts hosts trips for children from the local elementary school, which often turns into more than just an entertaining day out of the classroom for the kids. For those of you who work with limited marketing budgets while trying to make an impact using word of mouth marketing, imagine just how many conversations this field trip can start between the people Austin Orthodontic Arts wants talking about them the most.

How about a field trip to your branch? “How exciting could our branch be?” How cool would it be for a group of kids to be able to tell their friends that they stood in a  vault with hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or that they got to hold a real one hundred dollar bill?  It sounds boring to us, because we’re in this environment every day. But to a child it’s an experience worth talking about to their friends and most importantly their parents. The parents are those same people you keep talking about being the demographic who are your prime borrowers.

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