Helping your child achieve the dream of homeownership

Rising rents, housing costs, and student loan debt make it difficult for many young adults to save for a down payment, so families often lend a helping hand.

You remember what it was like to buy your first house. The excitement and nerves that went along with such a big purchase. And the memories you created that turned your house into a home.

You want your children to experience homeownership as well — and they do too — but it’s hard to make that dream a reality in today’s world.

Nearly 75 percent of American adults believe that homeownership is the pinnacle of the American Dream — even more so than being able to retire and having a college degree, successful career, or even children.1

And this consensus is shared not just among older adults. Both Gen Zers (59 percent) and Millennials (65 percent) feel like home ownership equals success.1


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