Highway to Hell Paved With Good Intentions


Credit union volunteers and professionals do what they do because they enjoy it–even get a sense of inner fulfillment from it–and are good at it. Otherwise, you’d be silly because the pay and benefits are relatively low and at credit unions you actually have to listen and try to fulfill your members’ needs rather than just a handful of stockholders.

Member needs can provide a roadmap for credit unions and whether they take a tortoise or hare approach to technology adoption or what to offer in their suite of products. But without planning strategically for the future, a credit unions’ direction can be as mixed as my many metaphors.

I’m calling on the legendary Diana Ross to help credit unions create a singular, focused direction to charge full steam ahead.

Do you know
Where you’re going to?
Do you like the things
That life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?

Strategic direction from the boards on down is an area that credit unions can bear greater study. Credit unions must identify what they are and what they want to be in order to ensure they’re performing the necessary tactics to achieve these goals. If your credit unions wants to be known as the best member service provider in town, make sure your income can support the investment in training and online offerings and facilities. If your credit union is going to be the high-tech financial services option, ensure your investments are appropriately aligned. If your credit union is the fair deal, bring a magnifying glass to the minimal fine print.

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