Hiring and culture: conflict versus drama

by: Anthony Demangone

When an opening occurs within our organizations, all of us look for the right person.

This morning, I read an article from CEO Update (unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me find a link to the article) that discussed the role of culture as it relates to hiring.

The article argues that culture is often to blame when a new hire does not work out. I can’t argue with that. But a quote from the article really caught my attention.

The workplace is a complicated space. There are numerous issues, problems and personalities. Shannon DiBari, SVP and CAO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, was quoted about what she seeks in a new hire.

“I want to hire an adult,” she said. “I want someone who knows how to manage conflict. We have a lot of opinions…If you can’t figure out how to manage yourself through that, you’re not going to be successful…I don’t mind conflict, but I hate drama.”

I don’t mind conflict, but I hate drama. 

There’s going to be conflict in the workplace. People will disagree. But drama is a energy-draining, time-wasting workplace vampire.

How do you minimize drama? How do you hire to minimize the chance that drama kings and queens find their way into your culture?

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