Hope delivers through early financial literacy

It is considered a rite of passage into adulthood for young Americans when they graduate high school. Leaving that nest of protection and going out in the world to create your own reality, fulfill your own dreams and, just as importantly, use the financial education and literacy you learned to earn your own way in life.

Unfortunately, for so many of us, lessons in financial literacy and education have not been up to the task, particularly in today’s K-12 educational system. The ugly truth is The Financial Literacy Crisis in America 2023 Report by Ramsey Education found that 88 percent of adults in the U.S. did not feel equipped to handle money following high school. According to an article by Yahoo!, three in four Americans claimed that following high school, they “often” or “sometimes” felt stress because of money.

“Money is something we all should know how to handle going into the real world,” said Kristina Ellis, college finance expert and Ramsey Solutions Personality. “Learning solid money principles early – such as how to budget, save, and spend wisely – is crucial for success in your adult life.

“This last year has been so hard for people financially, and I feel for them,” she continued. “My hope is more states will require this education for graduation so in times of inflation or when their budgets feel tighter, more Americans are ready to handle their money and succeed.”


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