How a mobile credit card remote control can reduce fraud and increase spending with Ondot’s Rachna Ahlawat

by. Mike Lawson

At CUbroadcast, we are always on the lookout for financial technology that can really make a difference. And we’ve already featured a few in the last month or so. In today’s episode, we check out Ondot Systems’ consumer remote control for credit cards. A simple premise with some highly technical processes in the background, Ondot’s remote control — which is your mobile, by the way — allows consumers to control access, location, and spending on their credit cards.

To get the details of this Finovate Best-of-Show solution, we invited Ondot’s Rachna Ahlawat to discover how credit unions can benefit from this type of credit card control. In addition to finding out more about this technology, Rachna provides some startling stats on fraud reduction and spending increases that financial institutions can experience with Ondot. Check it out!


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