How about a home loan party

You can’t seem to read any of the trade press without some reference to attracting Millennials. They are the golden child of the future of Credit Unions and every is looking for that elusive solution to success.

Mortgage lending is no different. Get that Millennial to become a first time home buyer with your Credit Union and then build upon the relationship to get them to use the Credit Union as their primary financial institution and make them a customer for life.

Recent articles, including this one from Bloomberg, talk about how to help more Millennials become home owners and get qualified for a mortgage.But how do you help spread that word that home ownership is worthwhile and within reach?

Here’s an idea I’ve always loved, but never had the guts to implement …..

Somewhere around eight to ten years ago, the Filene Research Institute’s i3 program launched a concept called MoneyWorks. You can read about it here. The general premise of the program was to go back to the days of the time honored Tupperware party. Over the years, this has morphed to Longenberger Baskets, Pampered Chief, Avon and Thirty-One. Invite people into your home and sell them some product. Why not do this for the Credit Union? MoneyWorks was an in-home party about the Credit Union aimed to grow membership and spread the good news through word of mouth.

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