How accidental credit union leaders can get unstuck

So, you’re a credit union leader. You have a staff to pay, an organization with a strong legacy looking to you to lead the company into its next chapter, and most importantly, you have a few thousand to millions of members depending on you to support them when they need you at their most vulnerable state. They’re relying on your credit union to save them from the desperation of paying for a car repair or the excitement of buying their first home.

But at what age did you expect that you would be in this position? Perhaps you joined the credit union as a teller or moved to your credit union from another industry. Not many credit union CEOs have trained since a young age to take on such a challenge. But if we look at history, you’ll find some help.

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius expected an ordinary life for himself. He was a quiet fella who liked to read, and then – almost literally – he found himself with the weight of the world on his shoulders: He was chosen to rule the Roman Empire. Destiny called, and he answered.

Of course, this man was special. He had something in him that helped him lead. But so do you. You may not be leading the Roman Empire, but destiny called you to leadership at your credit union.


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