How are you marketing mortgages?

The other day I walked by this sign and just had to take a picture.

Now I don’t eat Sushi. There’s that warning on their menu that makes me nervous – consuming raw or uncooked meat or fish may cause illness or death. There’s a reason why they put that warning on menus. Somebody probably became deathly ill. So I don’t east sushi.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the sign. Half Price Sushi Every Day. So what are they marketing. If their everyday price is half price, isn’t that the real price. Confused, so was I.

So what does this have to do with mortgages and being memberlicious? Well grab some wonton soup, eggroll or General Tso’s chicken (I do love the Chinese buffet) and read on….

Hopefully, you are marketing mortgages to your members. That’s a good start.

Sometimes I see Credit Unions that treat mortgage marketing like a seasonal campaign. Last time I checked, people bought homes all year long – yes more in the spring and summer, but homes do sell in the fall and winter. Marketing of mortgages needs to be done consistently. Members need to know when they are ready to buy a home, their Credit Union is ready to help.

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