How Co-op’s integration strategy has evolved to meet the needs of today’s credit unions and members

Credit unions need to take notice and accelerate the introduction of new digital services their members want and need. Per Co-op’s latest research, CU members have on average three times the number of financial relationships as non-members.

Members have grown used to toggling among multiple digital apps to access various aspects of their financial lives and will do so if necessary. But they prefer a one-stop shop.

Your members are looking for a better, fully immersive financial experience, which is one reason for the tremendous growth of embedded finance. This trend benefits credit unions as well, as it has the potential to increase engagement.

To support the evolving needs of cooperatives and your members, Co-op has evolved its technology integration strategy toward a more proactive approach. The focus now is on providing credit unions and members with a fully integrated, seamless financial experience, designed to increase satisfaction, loyalty and engagement.


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