How Credit Unions Can Battle Apple, Amazon, And Paypal In The Payments Arena


The payments battle is on 99.9% of every financial person’s mind today — and credit unions are right in the thick of it. With entities like Apple, Amazon, Google, PayPal, and even the cell phone carriers getting in the mix, life in the payments sector is about to get a bit crowded as everybody seems to be jockeying for position. If you’re a credit union looking at this cluttered landscape, check out this interview with TMG’s Brian Scott. We discuss the ways how credit unions can compete with those mammoth companies that are encroaching on our territory. We also talk about EMV’s impending impact on the industry, as well as how the government will affect credit unions in this area. Oh yeah, we can’t leave without a few words on mobile’s part, as well. Brian did a stellar job outlining the future of payments and how credit unions can benefit. Check it out!


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