How credit unions help tackle hunger in America with American Community Project’s Dan Emery

by: Mike Lawson

You may remember last winter when we spoke with American Community Project’s Dan Emery just as he and Myles Chung started on their cross-country venture to bring our domestic hunger awareness top of mind in the United States. Yes, in our country (the land of “plenty”), there are people going hungry. That’s not good.

So Dan and Myles decided to spread the word across the country, starting out in Maine earlier this year and traveling to all 48 states in 48 weeks. Oh, and they are trekking nationwide on scooters. Yes, scooters — that go no faster than 30 mph. Despite the speed issues, the “scooter dudes,” as they have been nicknamed on various stops, have managed to stay on course with their mission — which is credit union backed. Well done, CUs!

We caught up with Dan in the state of Washington and discussed his latest adventures, as he and Myles prepare their return trip to Maine. He is also very thankful for all the credit unions that have stepped up to support this cause. And, if your credit union still wants to participate, you can. Just go to their Facebook page or website, listed below, and donate.

And, once again, many thanks to CU Grow’s James Robert Lay for bringing Dan’s trek to our attention.

YouTube: American Community Project Exploring Hunger

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