How cybersecurity automation speeds up detection and response

Faced with constantly evolving cyber threats, IT teams today must embrace digital transformation. Post pandemic reality has accelerated some of these evolutions, like more cloud users, more cloud providers, and an obscene number of devices passing Internet of Things (IoT) data to the cloud. All are interdependent and interconnected, delivering the scale, speed, and connectivity expected in our daily digital personal and work lives. More importantly, expanding every organization’s attack surface for cybercriminals.  

While these advancements offer convenience and efficiency, they also expose organizations to a wider array of cyber risks. This has caused IT teams to look for AI-powered threat detection, investigation and response solutions to mitigate threats across their systems, networks and cloud data.  

By understanding the role of automation in protecting against cybercriminals, organizations can strengthen their defense and safeguard their organization. In this blog, we dive into the power of cybersecurity automation and how it ultimately speeds up detection and response.


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