How DEI can transform workplace culture – Part III

So, your organization made a commitment to and began building a culture of inclusivity. Now what?

There is still a need for a strong DEI vision, mission and strategy. I would highly recommend that you co-create a framework with leaders and employees, as this is not something that should be done in a vacuum, but a great opportunity to share ownership of the movement. There is no one correct prescription here – make your mission, vision and strategy your own. Also, keep in mind you do not need a large workforce in order to have resources dedicated to DEI. These roles are typically almost 100% volunteer roles.

Let’s take a look at how PSCU approached the creation of our DEI vision, mission and strategy.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities
Given the size of our organization and the breadth of the initiative, we needed to define some roles and responsibilities that put a bit more structure in place. In order to execute on the strategy, we established a formal steering committee that is really at the heart of our DEI organization structure. We have one paid full-time position, with the rest of the steering committee roles being filled by employees who have stepped up in a volunteer capacity due to their interest and passion. Every role has a job description, and employees must apply and be interviewed by a diverse panel.


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