How DEI can transform workplace culture – Part IV

As we close out our multi-part DEI series, let’s take a look back at where we’ve been:

We started out by considering what it takes to establish an organization-wide commitment to DEI and begin building a culture of inclusivity. We then took a closer look at one of the primary reasons cited by diverse talent for leaving an organization, followed by defining your DEI vision, mission and strategy. In this post, I would like to discuss one final concept on the path to parity: the evolution of work life.

What was once an impenetrable boundary between work and life has now been effectively disintegrated. The normalization of working from home over the past 18 months has eliminated any remaining boundaries with both positive and negative consequences. Employees have proven they can manage home and work responsibilities simultaneously. This concept of one life, or the true flexibility to move seamlessly between work and life, is ultimately where we are headed. It goes beyond family-friendly policies to an approach of more radical flexibility that is going to become the new standard for progressive companies that want to attract and retain top talent.


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