How distance learning can impact the family

Challenges — and opportunities — abound while families live, work, and go to school at home.

When Covid-19 shut down the country in mid-March, many of us thought we’d be back in our offices and schools before the end of spring. Yet, here were are countless months later, working and learning from home — together.

It’s a road we hadn’t imagined. And it’s going to take imagination, patience, and perseverance to get us over the bumps. As well as empathy — for our families, neighbors and ourselves.

If you have school-age children, you understand the extra layer of stress it’s added to the mix. Whether your young ones are doing full-time distance learning or are taking in-person classes part-time (i.e., the hybrid approach), there are challenges unique to each situation.

Let’s explore some of them — and remember that we’re all in this together.

Financial implications of distance learning

Being a teacher was not your career choice. Yet here you are changing careers in the middle of a pandemic — and you’re not even being paid for it.


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